Veterinary Radiography

Veterinary Radiography

We call them Radiographs, you know them as X-Rays.

No matter what you call them, Radiographs are a Valuable Diagnostic tool in helping us discover underlying health concerns.

Why Does My Pet Need a Radiograph?

Upon the completion of a Comprehensive Exam and perhaps Diagnostic Tests our Veterinarians may recommend a Radiograph to further investigate the health of your furry friend.

Our Team uses Low Radiation Digital Images to help assess the following:

  • Fractures  
  • Joint Abnormalities
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Spinal Cord
  • Heart
  • Lungs
  • Urinary Tract
  • Digestive Organs
  • Cancers
  • Tumors
  • Foreign objects Ingested

X-Rays Allow our Veterinarians to make Diagnoses Faster & Easier

What to Expect when your Pet is Scheduled for Digital X- Rays

  • Our Veterinarians will start with a complete Comprehensive Exam and may recommend an EKG, Diagnostic Blood Work, Fecal, Urinalysis and Ultrasound.
  • Your Pet may be administered a Safe Sedative to relax your pet and allow our Technicians to capture the best possible image.
  • Your Canine/Feline will be Carefully Monitored by our experienced Registered Veterinary Technicians
  • The Digital X-Ray will be completed the same day of your appointment unless sedation is needed.
  • Hospitalization and Care may be for the balance of the day or several days depending on the diagnosis and condition of your pet.
  • The Digital Images may be reviewed collaboratively with our Veterinarians and Board Certified Radiologist to arrive at a diagnosis if recommended.
  • Phone Call from one of our Team Members reviewing the procedure and outcomes.
  • Pick Up your Family Member to take home.

Our Veterinary Professionals will review in detail all the diagnostics and present a Treatment Plan for your loved one.

Not all Digital X-Ray Equipment is Created Equal

We only Invest in the Best Equipment for our Patients’ Needs

Radiographs are great because they are Non-Invasive; your pet will hardly know it is undergoing any type of procedure. Meanwhile, we will come away with images we can use to gather more information about your pet’s health.  

We have Recently Upgraded our Radiology (X-Ray) Equipment to be fully Digitalized with a top of the line Canon Digital X-ray System.

Canon was the First to develop a Digital X-Ray Detector in 1993, and installed the first system in 1997.

Today, they remain the Number One X-Ray Flat Panel Detector Worldwide

These can be found in Veterinary Colleges Canada wide, as well as 25 of the top 27 American Veterinary Colleges, along with specialty sites such as the Toronto Zoo, San Diego Zoo, Sea World, Sick Kids Children’s Hospital, and many more.


We'll take the time to answer your questions about x-rays.

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