Puppy Care Services

Puppy Care

Puppies Need TLC

Every member of the family will be caught up in the excitement of welcoming a new addition like a puppy into your home.

However, like any member of the family, that cute little puppy will require a lot of TLC in the first weeks and months after coming home to live with you.

Our trained professionals care about your pet and your pet’s health as much as you do.

When you bring your furry friend to us for the first time, we will undertake a complete Comprehensive Exam to ensure there’s nothing lurking on the horizon that you will need to worry about.

We will search out possible parasites and, if necessary, perform a deworming, as well as set up a vaccination schedule that works best for you.

Because we will be an important part of your dog’s life, this is a great opportunity for us to get to know you and your pet and vice versa.

First Meet & Greet

Let us get to know your pet.

Comprehensive Puppy Family Plan

  • Unlimited Examinations
  • Behavioural Consultations
  • Nutritional Consultations
  • Testing and prevention of, Fleas, Ticks and Heartworm
  • Vaccinations
  • Deworming
  • Spay/Neuter
  • Stance Analysis
  • Diagnostic Parasitic Blood Screen
  • Diagnostic Lyme Test
  • Diagnostic Heartworm Test
  • Diagnostic Fecal Tests
  • Diagnostic Comprehensive Blood Work
  • Diagnostic Early Renal Detection Test
  • Discount on Puppy Diets & Treats
  • Monthly Nail Trims
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