Pet Microchipping for Dogs and Cats

Pet Microchipping

Every year, thousands of pets go missing.

Every pet that goes missing results in worry, stress and many times, heartache and heartbreak for their owners.  However, there is a simple and easy solution that will identify your pet, and help reunite in the unfortunate event they should ever go missing.

At Sears Animal Hospital & Pet Rehabilitation, we can perform a simple and easy procedure called Microchipping.

A small, integrated circuit, roughly about the size of a grain of rice is implanted just under the skin of your pet. This small chip can be used to easily identify your pet.

Simple and Painless

Anesthetic is Not Required

We commonly microchip Puppies and Kittens while in Surgery for their Spay or Neuter.

In addition to reducing the stress and worry on the owner,  a quick return of your pet will also limit the chances your pet will be injured or fall victim to illness or disease.

Microchipping Questions

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