Canine Weight Management Service

Nutrition & Weight Management

Proper Nutrition can help provide Optimal Health and aid in the Prevention of Disease.

If your pet is struggling with health conditions, they may benefit from a veterinarian scientific diet to help improve their quality of life.   

Some diseases can be Managed Solely by Medical Diets and eliminate the need for medication.

The professionals at Sears can provide the expertise to determine your pet’s Body Condition Score and support you and your pet with ways to achieve and maintain your pet’s weight management goals.   

Our experienced Team will provide Healthy Nutritional Recommendations

What to Expect During Annual Comprehensive Exam

Our veterinarians will construct a detailed Nutritional Plan from the Diagnostic Tests and Physical Exam conducted during the  Annual Comprehensive Exam.

Our professionals often consult with Veterinary Nutritional Experts to discuss optimal diet options in consideration of your pet’s current health Concerns.

Is Your Pet Overweight?

Overweight Cats & Dogs 50%

The increase in obesity is tied to other diseases

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Diabetes Mellitus
  • Heart Disease
  • Respiratory Disease
  • Cancer

It is important that you keep a sharp eye on our pets bodies for excessive weight gain.

If you are unable to feel their Ribs, Spine, or hip bones and they do not have a defined waist they are overweight.

You will also notice belly fat and your dog may have difficulty breathing or engaging in normal activity.

Our Experienced Team will partner with You to….

  • Monitor your Pet’s Body Condition and Weight
  • Determine the cause of the Weight Gain
  • Recommend steps to get your pet’s weight to a Healthy Level
  • Recommend Diagnostic  testing to determine if there is an underlying Thyroid Disease

Ask Us about our Healthy Weight Programs!

They Include:

  • Veterinary Consultation on Behaviour Modification
  • Regenerative Medicine
  • At Home Exercise Program
  • Hydrotherapy in our Underwater Treadmill to Increase Mobility and Fitness Training
  • Acupuncture(TCM) for Natural Pain Relief
  • Therapeutic Laser Therapy to Decrease Pain
  • Proven Medical Weight Loss Diets and Treats
  • Nutraceuticals to Maintain Healthy Joints
  • Monthly Weigh-Ins to keep everyone on track


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