Animal Hospitalization & Care

Hospitalization & Care

An Illness or Injury may require your Pet to be Hospitalized to receive the Extra Medical Attention that they need to get them back on their “Paws”.

Hospitalized Care Aid in your Furry Friend’s return to Health by Providing:

  • Intravenous Fluids
  • Injectable Medication
  • Diagnostic Tests
  • Careful Monitoring from our trained Medical Team

Overnight Accommodation is Provided for Pets in Stable Condition

If your Pet requires closer attention and around the clock monitoring a transfer to an Emergency Hospital is recommended.

Our Intensive Care Unit is equipped with Medical Equipment for Life Saving Procedures (If needed) Emergency Drops flowing Oxygen, Incubation Unit to help with abnormal breathing and keep your furbaby as comfortable as possible.

You are always welcome to visit your pet to check in on the progress and recuperation of your loved one.

Do You Have an Emergency?

Please give us a call so we can help you out a soon as possible.

What to Expect when your Pet is Hospitalized

  • Veterinarian will perform a Comprehensive Exam and will determine the Diagnostic Tests required and  Treatment Plan needed to get your pet Healthy Again.  Our Veterinarian will meet with the Pet Parents to explain and confirm the plan.
  • The Pet Patient will be admitted into the Hospital and will begin the Diagnostic Treatments Immediately.
  • Our Registered Veterinary Technicians will carefully and compassionately attend to your dog or cat with supervision from our Veterinarians.
  • Our Care Team will contact pet owners on regular basis by phone to update the medical condition of their loved one and may recommend additional Diagnostic Tests or Treatments.

You are always welcome to touch base with our Team to get a medical update about your pet.

Time Sensitive Diagnostics and Care

  • Emergency Ultrasound to identify internal organ damage or obvious abnormalities.
  • Diagnostic Blood  Analysis of Chem 17 performed with modern In-House Equipment  
  • Complete Diagnostic Urinalysis to examine the Urine to help aid in a thorough workup. Our Team is able to extract Urine by cystocentesis using our Ultrasound as a guide. Test performed  at our In-House Laboratory
  • Fecal Evaluation to investigate for parasites and foreign bodies. Test performed at our In-House Laboratory. (Please bring a fresh Fecal if Possible)  
  • A Diagnostic Electrocardiograph to review abnormalities of the Heart.
  • Diagnostic Digital Radiology( X-Ray) may be required to further investigate bone damage or internal Organs.  
  • Veterinary Surgery to repair wounds, unblock urinary tracts, remove foreign bodies, tumour removal and c sections. Performed as soon as possible
Our Veterinarians will review the Comprehensive Physical Exam findings, Medical History and results obtained from the Diagnostic Tests and Procedures to provide an Individualized Treatment Plan for your Furry Friend.

Further Complementary Diagnostics May Include

  • Diagnostic External Lab for additional specialized Blood, Urine, Fecal Analysis or Tumor Identification.  
  • We work in partnership with an External Lab to perform cultures, histopathology or other specialized Blood Chemistries or cellular analysis.
  • Urinary Tract Ultrasound to provide a detailed view of the lining of the urinary tract and to search for additional abnormalities that could be causing health concerns.
  • Abdominal Ultrasound to provide a detailed view of internal organs and very small abnormalities that can provide direction for our Treatment Plan. The Ultrasound will be reviewed collaboratively with our Board Certified Radiologists to arrive at a diagnosis.
  • Referral to Board Certified Specialist or Emergency Hospital for additional procedures, if necessary.

Pet Parents are Always Welcome to visit their Family Member while in Hospital

Our goal is to complete the Hospitalized Treatment Plan Quickly and have your family member Home Recovering.

Time to Go Home (Check Out Time… Discharge)

Our Veterinarian will recommend a Follow-up Exam and our Medical Team will review the detailed Home Care Treatment Plan that often includes Prescribed Medication, Veterinary Medical Diet and Careful Observation.


Have Any Questions?

Give us a call and we'd be happy to answer them.