Dental Radiology

Dental Radiology

Often, pet owners are unaware that their Pets may be Suffering from Tooth Pain because they show little in the way of Behavioural Changes.

In spite of the Pain, Dogs and Cats continue to eat.

Did you know that 78% of Dogs and 68% Cats have Dental Disease by age 3

Why We Recommend Dental Digital Radiographs?

  • Identifies Health Conditions that might otherwise be Missed
  • Best Medical Care for your Fur-baby
  • No Pain to Your Pet
  • Noninvasive Diagnostic Test

Our Dental Radiographs produce High-Resolution Photos


  • Tooth Pulp
  • Roots
  • Crown and Surrounding Bone of each Tooth
  • Tooth abscesses
  • Cavities
  • Fractures
  • Oral Tumors

When Should My Pet Have Dental X-Rays?

  • Full Mouth Exposure prior to Dental Cleaning Or  Oral Surgery
  • Specific Teeth Identified in Dental Exam as Potential Issues Pre Cleaning Or Oral Surgery
  • Post Tooth Extractions to ensure all Roots are Removed

Have Any Questions?

Give us a call and we'd be happy to answer them.

What to Expect when your Pet is Scheduled for Dental Radiographs

  1. Arrive in the morning with your fur-baby for your scheduled Dental Radiology (Performed with a Dental Cleaning, Surgery & Extractions)
  2. Veterinarian performs a Comprehensive Physical and Dental Examination
  3. Pre Anesthetic Blood Work performed at our In-House Lab to ensure No Underlying Health Concerns.
  4. General Anesthesia administered with IV Fluids, Pain Medication and Nerve Blocks if needed.
  5. Your Pet will be Carefully Monitored throughout the procedure by our Experienced  Veterinary Technicians for blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, respiration rate and depth of anesthetic.
  6. Dental Digital X Rays are Taken and Reviewed by our Veterinarians.
  7. Dental Cleaning(Includes Scaling & Polishing) is performed with a high-speed Dental Machine which is more efficient and extremely safe. (As Required)
  8. Tooth Extractions may be necessary.
  9. Laser Therapy is administered post extractions and other oral diseases to help with pain and Speed the Healing Process.
  10. Additional Dental X Rays may be taken if extractions are required to ensure no Roots Remain.
  11. Phone Call from our Veterinarian or Registered Veterinary Technician reviewing the procedure and outcomes.
  12. Pick Up your Family Member at the end of the day
  13. Discuss options for At Home Dental Care and Book a Follow-up Exam

We can also perform Oral Surgery including:

  • Tooth Extractions
  • Removal of Oral Tumours

Our Veterinarians are Experienced and Knowledgeable in Dental Medicine

All Surgical Procedures and Tooth Removals follow the Best Practices Guidelines

We are able to take the necessary steps to ensure your Pet is not in Pain or Discomfort Before, During and After any Oral Procedure by administering and monitoring General Anesthesia throughout the procedure. Through the use of Nerve Blocks, proper Anesthetic Depth, Pain Medication and Laser Therapy.  

Our Dental Surgeries are Thorough & Safe

We Guarantee our Attention to Detail

Our In-House Pet Store has our Prescribed At-Home Dental Care for your Pet

  • Tooth Brush & Tooth Paste
  • Oral Rinse
  • Dental Wipes
  • Triple Action Scientifically Proven Dental Diets
  • Safe & Scientific and Proven Dental Chews