Veterinary Dental Care

Dental Care

We all know the Importance of Dental Care to our own Overall Health and Wellbeing.

It is no different when it comes to your Pets.

They will require At-Home Care as well as Regular Exams and Cleaning!

We provide thorough Dental Examinations, Digital Dental X- Ray, Cleaning, Polishing and Extractions.

Does My Pet Need a Dental Exam?

The simple answer is YES!

Percentage of Dogs that have Dental Disease by age 3
Periodontal disease is responsible for the destruction of the periodontium, the supporting structures of the teeth.

Periodontal disease has been linked to liver, kidney, and heart pathology.

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If Your Pet Has

  • Bad breath
  • Broken or Loose Teeth
  • Extra Teeth or Retained Baby Teeth
  • Discoloured Teeth or covered in Tartar
  • Abnormal Chewing, Drooling or dropping food from the Mouth
  • Reduced Appetite or Refusal to Eat
  • Pain in or Around the Mouth
  • Bleeding from the Mouth
  • Swelling in the areas Surrounding the Mouth
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Dental Exam Includes

  • Our Veterinarian will  Examine Teeth and Gums
  • Recommendations may include at Home Dental Care, a Professional & Detailed Scale  & Polish, Dental Extractions and Digital Dental X-Ray
  • At Home Dental Care Education and Demonstration that include Brushing, Water Additive, Dental Diet and Dental Chews


Have Any Questions?

Give us a call and we'd be happy to answer them.

Why Does my Pet need Dental Cleaning?

Our Veterinarians recommend Dental Cleaning to remove Plaque & Tartar above the gumline and the Difficult to See Plaque and Tartar Below the Gumline. It causes Infection and Eventual Permanent Damage to the Jaw Bone and Connective Tissues.

This causes one of the Most Common Dental Disease in Pets called Periodontal Disease that directly leads to Tooth Disease and if Severe Extractions.

Periodontal Disease is Painful

Periodontal Disease can be Prevented with Good Oral Hygiene and Regular Professional Veterinary Dental Care. Once established, it is an incurable disease process that is progressive but can be controlled or maintained with proper veterinary treatment and good oral hygiene [1,6].

At Sears Animal Hospital We Recommend

  • Annual Dental Exams
  • If necessary, Dental Cleaning to keep your fur-baby smiling.

Join our Family Plan as it includes:

  • Dental Cleaning
  • Annual Diagnostic Blood Work
  • Early Renal Disease Test
  • Urinalysis Diagnostic
  • Fecal Diagnostic
  • And Predictable Monthly Payments
I like Affordable Monthly Payments!

What to Expect with our Professional Dental Cleaning

  1. Arrive in the morning with your furbaby for your scheduled Dental Cleaning.
  2. Veterinarian performs a Comprehensive Physical and Dental Examination
  3. Pre Anesthetic Blood Work performed at our In-House Lab to ensure No Underlying Health Concerns.
  4. General Anesthesia administered with IV Fluids, Pain Medication and Nerve Blocks if needed.
  5. Your Pet will be Carefully Monitored throughout the procedure by our Experienced Registered Veterinary Technicians for blood pressure, heart rate, temperature and respiration rate and level of anesthetic.
  6. Dental Digital X Rays are taken if required.
  7. Dental Cleaning(Includes Scaling & Polishing) is performed with a high-speed Dental Machine which is more efficient and extremely safe.
  8. Tooth Extractions may be necessary.
  9. Laser Therapy is administered post extractions to help with pain and Speed the Healing Process.
  10. Additional Dental X Rays may be taken if extractions are required to ensure no Roots Remain.
  11. Phone Call from our Veterinarian or Registered Veterinary Technician reviewing the procedure and outcomes.
  12. Pick Up your Family Member at the end of the day
  13. Discuss options for At Home Dental Care and Book a Follow-up Exam

We can also perform  Oral Surgery including…

  • Tooth Extractions
  • Removal of Oral Tumours.

Our Veterinarians are Experienced and Knowledgeable in Dental Medicine

All Surgical Procedures and Tooth Removals follow the Best Practices Guidelines

We are able to take the necessary steps to ensure your Pet is not in Pain or Discomfort Before, During and After any Oral Procedure by administering and monitoring General Anesthesia throughout the procedure. Through the use of Nerve Blocks, proper Anesthetic Depth, Pain Medication and Laser Therapy.  

We will keep your Pet Safe, Comfortable, Pain-Free and have them smiling in no time.

Have Any Questions?

Give us a call and we'd be happy to answer them.

Our In-House Pet Store has our Prescribed At-Home Dental Care for your Pet

  • Toothbrush & Toothpaste
  • Oral Rinse
  • Dental Wipes
  • Triple Action Scientifically Proven Dental Diets
  • Safe & Scientific and Proven Dental Chews