Dog Training Services

Behavioural Consultation

Sometimes our Pet Begins to Act Strangely.

Our pet may decide to Stop Eating, may begin to Bark, Meow or make other Unwanted Noises or exhibit Signs of Stress, Anxiety or even Aggression.

At Sears Animal Hospital & Pet Rehabilitation, our Team of Trained Professionals can offer extended consultations for your pet’s behavioural difficulties or “quirks” as you may sometimes refer to them.

We want to ensure you and your pet maintain the same level of trust you’ve come to love. We will ensure to rule out any possible underlying medical issues that may be masquerading as behavioural conditions.

Your pet will undergo a Comprehensive Examination that may include Diagnostic Tests and Urinalysis.

We will also review our findings and provide a Behavioural or Treatment Plan.

We are also able to suggest referral to a specialist if necessary.

Because setting the groundwork for a trusting relationship early in your pet’s life is important, we also offer Puppy and Kitten Behavioural Consultation Exams.

Common Concerns for Felines

My Cat is…

  • Spraying in the House
  • Behaving Strangely
  • Urinating outside the Litter Box and in the House
  • Scratching and Destroying the Furniture
  • Destructive when we Leave the House

Common Concerns for Canines

My Dog is…

  • Fighting with my other Dogs?
  • Destructive in the House when we Leave for Work
  • Eating Poop
  • Trembling from Thunderstorms
  • Becoming Aggressive
  • Trying to Bite others what should I do?


If you have any questions about a Behavioural Consultation please call and our knowledgeable Registered Veterinary Technicians or Veterinarians will be happy to assist.

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