In-House Veterinary Lab

In House Lab

Sears Animal Hospital & Pet Rehabilitation has our own In-House Laboratory.

After your pet has received a  Comprehensive Physical Exam or Emergency Evaluation our Veterinarians may need to conduct more Extensive Laboratory Tests.

Our trained Registered Veterinary Technicians adhere to Strict Laboratory Protocols and have years of experience, ensuring each test is completed with a High Level of Accuracy.

Our Hospital continues to invest in Modern Technology to ensure your family receives the care every family member deserves.

In-House Lab Common Diagnostic Tests

Blood Analysers 

Chemistry Analyzer

Comprehensive Blood Chemistries and Lytes

  • Complete Health Profile Up to 17 Chemistries and Electrolytes to diagnose your pet’s health status.
  • Annual Health Profile is recommended to monitor for early  health changes not easily noticed during our Comprehensive Physical Examination.
  • Critical Health Profile for all our Emergency Cases.

Pre Anesthetic Blood Work and Lytes

  • Focused Health Profile of 10 Chemistries and Electrolytes
  • Complete Blood Count(CBC) Up to 24 Whole-Blood Parameters
  • Blood values help to determine if anesthetics are safe to administer
  • Helps us to tailor our Anesthetic Protocols to the Individual needs of your pet to ensure Maximum Safety during anesthesia.

Individual Diagnostic Tests Include

  • Total T4
  • Urine P:C Ratio
  • Fructosamine

Our Hospital is Equipped with In-House  Diagnostic Equipment & Pharmacy Necessary to Provide Time Sensitive care

Hematology Analyzer

Complete Blood Count (CBC)

  • Up to 24 Whole-Blood Parameters including Red Blood Cell, Hematocrit, Hemoglobin, Platelet Count and White Blood Cell Count.
  • Annual  Health Test recommended to Help Determine  Early Health Changes not easily noticed during a Comprehensive Physical Examination.

All of our Blood Diagnostic Test results are  available in a Timely Manner

Recommended Diagnostic Annually to monitor for Early  Health Changes not easily noticed during Physical Examination.

Our Team can Safely  Extract Urine by the Process of Cystocentesis using our Ultrasound as a Guide

Test results available in 24 hours

Fecal Diagnostic

Internal Parasites Include

  • Hookworm
  • Roundworm
  • Whipworm
  • Coccidia

(Please bring a fresh Fecal if Possible)

Recommended up to 2 times a year to Monitor for All Parasites

Test results available 24 hours

Feline Specific Tests

  • Feline Leukemia Virus
  • Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV)

Tests are typically performed with Kittens, New Pets or Rescues to detect if these viruses are present.

Test results available 24 hours

Canine Specific Tests

  • Lyme Disease
  • Heartworm
  • Parasite Testing

Tests are typically performed Annually between February and June to detect if Lyme, Heartworm or Parasites are present.

Test results available 24 hours

Join our Family Plan as it includes:

  • Annual Diagnostic Blood Work
  • Early Renal Disease Test
  • Urinalysis Diagnostic
  • Fecal Diagnostic
  • And Predictable Monthly Payments
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Why is an In-House Lab Important for my Pets?

Immediate Diagnostic Results

  • Our Veterinarians will Discover or Confirm Health Concerns Almost  Immediately that may result in further Diagnostic Tests or Treatment Plan for your Pet.

Provides the Best Possible Diagnostic Care for your Pets

  • Faster Test Results lead to Timely Diagnoses and Treatment Recommendations.
  • Annual Testing provides our Veterinarians Benchmarks to Detect Underlying Health Concerns  
  • Provides a Baseline for Future Monitoring and Disease Detection

Emergency Care

  • When your pet experiences a Health Emergency Concern our professional Veterinarian may require Time Sensitive Diagnostics to establish a Treatment Plan.  
  • Critical to the  Health and Recovery of your pet in your time of need.