Get to Know Us

Dr. Bonnie

Dr. Bonnie Wesley DVM CCRT

Hello there! I am Dr. Bonnie Wesley the Veterinarian at Sears Animal Hospital.

I graduated from the Ontario Vet College in 2002, working in small animal practices across Ontario ever since. In June of 2012, my husband Bart and I moved to the area from Horseshoe Valley and took ownership of the clinic from Dr. Julia Sears as she retired.

One of my special interests is Canine Pain Management and  Rehabilitation Therapy. In 2015, I received hands-on training and certification as a Canine Rehabilitation Therapist from the Canine Rehabilitation Institute. In the ever-changing world of Veterinary Medicine, I feel it is important to keep current on the new studies and treatments as they become available and to always keep learning.

I attend several continuing education lectures and conferences throughout the year, as well as courses in Ultrasound Imaging.  

In my chosen career, I have met and continue to meet wonderful people and their pets daily! I truly enjoy helping you to enrich the lives of your family pets by combining my experience, compassion and multimodal approach to medicine. I believe in the beneficial properties of alternative medicine such as Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture in addition to Western Medicine for improving and maintaining the quality of life for your animal companions.

The clinic has also been expanded to include Hydrotherapy and Laser Therapy services for post-surgical or rehabilitation purposes.

You may have met my husband Bart around the clinic. He always lends a helping hand to ensure everything is running smoothly! He also keeps our three children, Joey, Maddie and Naomi out of trouble.

We share our home with many different animals including Sunnie, our happy golden girl, Perry the African Grey parrot, Rosanna our bunny, and Charlie our Siamese cross rescue.

My ultimate goal is to provide the best possible care to your special family pet in a comfortable and relaxed setting. I look forward to working with you and meeting all of your best friend’s veterinary needs!

Dr. Carol Sanio - Sears Animal Hospital Veterinarian

Dr. Carol Sanio

I am a small animal veterinarian and I have owned a couple of small animal clinics in the past but now just do telehealth and relief work for other clinics. Sometimes I travel for this all over Canada. I also do some work in the third world to help veterinarians and their clients and patients there on a volunteer basis. I do this also in Canada in communities that cannot afford veterinary care. I have a passion for internal medicine, being a diagnostician, surgery and just being around animals and chatting with their owners. I know the limitations of telehealth but also know how effective it can be especially in a very busy clinic. It helps to give more time in a day for the clinic owners. And I get to help owners assist in the health care of their pets. I look forward to my interactions with you and your pets.

Dr. Caroline Graefin Von Waldburg-Zeil - Sears Animal Hospital Veterinarian

Dr. Caroline Graefin Von Waldburg-Zeil

Hello everyone, I am Dr. Caroline. I am a small animal veterinarian with a special interest in behaviour, welfare, and the amazing bond we share with our four-legged family members. I am fear-free certified, and have a Master’s of Science in Animal Behaviour and Welfare from the University of Guelph. I love public speaking and education, and have spoken at Animal Welfare conferences. Nothing makes me happier than helping clients discover all the ways that we can provide a full and happy life for their pets!

Patient comfort and client care are my top priorities, from the day they come home, to the day we say goodbye. I will work with you to help your puppy or kitten learn to love veterinary visits and nail trims. When it comes time for surgery, I always make sure my patients are comfortable and pain-free. As our beloved pets age, they may require care they didn’t previously need. Geriatric medicine and quality of life are very important to me, because old-age should never be considered a disease. When the time comes, I will gently help you through end-of-life decisions. This is always a difficult time, and I strive to provide a peaceful, honourable and supportive environment. I am driven by the love we have for our pets, and will be here to support you through all life stages.

I am originally from Cobourg Ontario, and just moved to London with my partner, Matt, along with Sgt. Pepper, our Kenyan sand boa, and Evie, our whippet. My hobbies outside of veterinary medicine include singing, playing guitar, piano, and ukulele, baking, cycling, tennis, downhill and cross country skiing, hockey, theatre, comedy, and spending time with family.

Dr. Kim Millar

Hello, my name is Kim Millar, and I am a small animal veterinarian. I graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in 2002 and worked in small animal general practice for about 14 years. Over the last few years, I began doing locum work where I had exposure to accessible high quality, high volume spay/neuter surgery, sometimes performing up to 30 surgeries a day. I also worked in animal shelters where I developed a strong passion for shelter medicine leading to obtaining a Graduate Certificate in Shelter Medicine from the University of Florida in 2015. Since then, I have worked for the Toronto Humane Society and Windsor Essex County Humane Society. I continue to do locum work for small animal practices and non-profit agencies and have a special interest in surgery.

While not working, I enjoy spending time with my husband, two teenage boys, 2 dogs and 3 cats. I have recently taken up golf as my family are all golfers.

Dr. Ivan Zivcic

I have been a veterinarian in clinical practice now for over 30 years.  I have had the opportunity to experience the pleasure of helping countless pets feel better and to continue to strengthen the amazing bond we all have with furry, feathery and scaly members of our families.  From working as an associate in classic James Herriot style medicine to ownership of small animal hospitals to being exposed to integrative advances in veterinary medicine , I have been lucky to live through the incredible changes in our profession.

My wife RonnieJean and I have been blessed with two wonderful young men – Nicholas and Andrew – who are beginning their own journeys into adulthood.  The joys and tribulations of parenthood included addressing the needs of a few generations of felines, an intense raccoon battling Belgian Tervuren, morning doves, hermit crabs, chickens, fish, bearded dragons…

Our only current dependents are a shifty 10 year old Siamese who calls himself Skippy, and Malibu –  a young junkyard cat who is certain a near death experience is around every corner.

I’m looking forward to meeting all the Sears Animal Hospital patients and their family members.

Evelyn Slezak RVT

Evelyn Slezak RVT

Hello, my name is Evelyn. I have been one of the technicians at Sears Animal Hospital since 2014. A little bit about me. My very first patient that sparked my interest in the field was a wildlife rescue – an injured pigeon which I named Squeak. I nursed him back to health and cared for him until the day that he was released. This was very gratifying and helped me to realize my passion for animals. I graduated from the Veterinary Technology program at Centralia after which I passed exams at the University of Guelph to become Registered as a Veterinary Technician.

I have enjoyed working with small animals and exotic pets for many years, including 7 years at a dermatology practice, 12 years with ultrasound imaging, as well as surgical referral for 8 years and 14 years in an emergency hospital. Somewhere in there, I managed to travel out to the Bahamas and live on a sailboat for 3 years!  Now, I live in London with my rescued animals. Gracie is my Great Dane mix, my cat Dottie a spotted silver tabby who was rescued from the streets of Komoka and Latte, a Siamese mix barn kitty.

Laura Gifford

Laura Gifford

Hi, I’m Laura, one of the veterinary technicians at Sears Animal Hospital. I completed my education at Ridgetown College University of Guelph in 2006. I bring several years of experience working with dogs and cats and my special interest in the field is animal behaviour and obedience training. In my spare time, I enjoy helping people achieve positive behaviour results with their pets through my position as a professional dog trainer in my spare time. My husband and I have many furry family members at our country home including our rescue cattle dog cross Kaz, cocker spaniel Peter, Dolly our mare, Rocky the pony, our orpington chickens and our newest edition – Maggie the goat and her babies.

Christina Plavosin

Christina Plavosin RVT

Hello, my name is Christina. I have been with Sears Animal Hospital as a Veterinary Technician since May 2014.  I will share a bit about myself and how I arrived at this position.

From a young age, I have had a fascination and a love for animals that only grew the older that I got. Wherever I went, I would seek out the pets of the household and befriend them. When I finally got my very own pet at age 10, I became even more interested in cats and dogs and I learned first hand what it meant to look after and own a pet, and I also realized all the joys that they bring!

The cat that helped me decide my career is a beautiful brown tabby named Jasmine who is now 17 years of age. She was rescued from the London Humane Society.

I completed my diploma in Veterinary Technology at the Ridgetown College University of Guelph in 2012 and graduated with honours and an award for Proficiency in Anaesthesia. I then became registered with the Ontario Association of Veterinary Technicians. My role in nursing and caring for animals is a great privilege and I enjoy a sense of fulfillment knowing that I help to enrich the lives of your pets!

Kathy Zubick RVT

I have been working as an RVT since graduating from St. Clair college in 2002. In 2007 I became a CCRP (Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner) through the University of Tennessee, and have been working in this field ever since. I have a crew of dogs and three cats and live in Paris Ontario with my husband, Luke. I’m heavily involved with dog sports, especially flyball, disc and dock jumping, and also compete in agility.  I can be seen performing a good part of the year with the Superdogs!  I have also been in dog training for over 16 years!

Marnel Manager of Customer Care

Hello, I am Marnel and I have joined the Sears family as your Manager of Customer Care.

I have just moved to London with Mishka my very opinionated 10-year-old Bichon Poo and Arthur a 5-year-old Shih Tzu cross. Arthur has brain damage and comes with his awesome quirks which although challenging make him extra special. I have a soft spot for adopting older dogs with medical needs who just need some extra love in their senior years so…stay tuned.

In past lives, I have been a stay at home mom raising 4 children, the central teller at a bank, a teacher for children with learning differences, and a bookkeeper all while keeping myself in the veterinary field either full or part-time. I am also a breast cancer survivor! One of my best accomplishments other than raising my children.

I have been involved in the veterinary profession for 25 years. Most of my time has been spent in the administrative and management side of veterinary practice but I love the medical side. I am passionate about education so, as often as I can, I watch surgeries, look at X-rays, read blood work results, and of course spend time with you and your pets.

I am extremely excited to begin this new chapter and can’t wait to get to know your families; animal and human!

SMILE! Marnel

Heather - Sears Animal Hospital

Heather Chung

Hello! I’m Heather, and I’m a happy kennel attendant at Sears. I came from British Columbia to pursue a bachelor’s in biology. I currently live with my feisty Maltese, Chico. When I’m not working or studying, I love to spend my time volunteering, trying new food, playing instruments, and making DIY crafts at home.

Camille Fetchison - Sears Animal Hospital Registered Veterinarian Technician

Camille Fetchison – RVT

Hello! My name is Camille, or Cam for short and I am I brand new RVT. My love for animals has always been a huge part of who I am, however because I’m allergic to fur I didn’t think there would be a place for me in the veterinary community. Post graduation from high school, I studied 2 years of fine arts. Not happy with that choice, I pursued a pre-health program to become a nurse. I still didn’t feel quite right so I returned to where I was happiest, working with animals and science. I had been volunteering at a wildlife centre for 7 years, and this is where I met a veterinary technician who described the job to me. I never realized that they did so much, taking blood, performing tests, educating clients, reading urine, fecal, and cytology slides; it all sounded like so much fun. When I began my first year of the Veterinary Technicians program at Northern College is Haileybury, On, I knew I had found exactly what I was looking for.

I graduated in April of 2019 and I am so excited to begin this new journey of learning. As of September 2019 I have also become a full member of the OAVT and have become an RVT.

I would love to one day specialize in exotics, and I also have an interest in small animal rehabilitation.

I’m so excited to begin my career at Sears Animal Hospital!

Jodi Grobbecker - Sears Animal Hospital Registered Veterinarian Technician

Jodi Grobbecker – RVT

Hi, my name is Jodi, I have a 1 yr old Frenchie named Simba. He is entertaining and lets us know when he’s around with his little snorts :). I graduated in 2009 as a vet tech and have spent my career thus far in general practice, ER and ICU. I am now doing some locum work as a vet technician. I love learning new things and a fast-paced environment. I also work in human medicine and love the variety between both careers. Other than work I love to travel and learn about new cultures.

Taylor Marcoux - Sears Animal Hospital Registered Veterinarian Technician

Taylor Marcoux – RVT

Hi! My name is Taylor and I have been a Veterinary Technician at Sears Animal Hospital since September 2020.

I graduated from the Seneca College Veterinary Technician program in Spring 2019. After graduation, I wrote the VTNE and became a registered technician. I am currently working towards my CCRP certification (Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner) through the University of Tennessee.

I have a 3 year old cat named Riley. I adopted her through the program at Seneca College with Vaughn animal services. My 2 year old cat Patty (shown in picture with me) I adopted from my boyfriends mom after a not so friendly encounter with their dog. My newest addition is my chihuahua/dachshund Monty. They all get along, for the most part! I have always had animals growing up and I have always known my passions for animals will be my career.

I am so excited to get to know you and your fur babies in the near future.

Ben Dixon - Sears Animal Hospital Registered Veterinarian Technician

Ben Dixon – RVT

Hello! My name is Ben. As young as 5 years of age I have been volunteering at the Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre in Peterborough. Due to being exposed to helping animals so young, I have loved caring for them all my life. I currently have 1 dog and 2 cats that make me laugh every day. As excited as I am to be starting my new path at Sears, I am really looking forward to getting to know you and your loving pets!

I am a Veterinary Technician new to Sears Animal Hospital as of early May 2021. I graduated from the Veterinary Technician program at Seneca College in 2019 and completed my registration exam for the Ontario Association of Veterinary Technicians in August 2019 to become and RVT. I attended Northern College from 2019-2020 and completed the Wildlife Rehabilitation diploma program. As of September 2020, I started at the University of Edinburgh in the United Kingdom to become a Veterinarian.

Connor McCarthy - Sears Animal Hospital Registered Veterinarian Technician

Connor McCarthy – Animal Care Assistant

Hello, my name is Connor. I graduated from Sheridan College’s Animal Care Program in 2014, then spent four years working at a busy animal hospital in Mississauga. I left the clinic to work for a veterinary nutrition company as a Sales Rep and later as the Technical Manager. I missed working with animals and their parents on a more personal basis. I’ve been working at Sears Animal Hospital as an Animal Care Attendant since July 2020 on a part-time basis, and now as a full-time member of the team since September 2020!

I often have said animal nutrition is the love of my life, much to the frustration of my partner. No two cases are the same or straight forward which presents a fantastic challenge. My partner and I share our home with a small menagerie of animals; our dogs Josee and Sadie, our cat Abbicus, rabbit Alex (Alexander when he’s naughty), Bearded Dragons Rhea and Hyperion, Ball Pythons Gwen and Arthur, Sailfin Dragon Scorch, Mossy Tree Frogs Rain and Tree Hugger and a tank of tropical fish.

I am looking forward to meeting you and your furry family members at Sears and hope to help the best I can!

Petra Vu - Sears Animal Hospital Veterinary Student

Petra Vu – Veterinary Student

Hello! I’m Petra and I am a final year vet student at University of Melbourne.

I love animals and has always had interest in working with them since I was as a child. I grew up watching Animal Planet and Discovery channels, hoping one day I can be part of an animal rescue, or be a zoo keeper. It wasn’t until my own kitten got into an accident, which I nursed back to health, that I realized I really wanted to become a veterinarian. It is a great reward for me to see a pet healing, as well as seeing the owner’s happiness when their pet is healed. My interests in vet medicine are small animals, pocket pets, imaging, and clinical pathology. I have a “COVID” Shih-tzu puppy named Hiro, who is my very first dog! I am looking to own many more pets and one day even a little hobby farm of my own.

Rebecca Vandenbogaard - Sears Animal Hospital Veterinary Reception

Rebecca Vandenbogaard – Reception

Hi, I’m Rebecca! For the past 8 years I was working as a hairstylist but I was ready for a change. I love to meet new people and have always had a big place in my heart for animals, so what better place to start something new then at an animal hospital?! Getting to know all of you and your pets has been so rewarding. In my free time you can find me outdoors, reading a good book, or hanging out with my family and friends. At home I have a cuddly 7 year old cat named Luna who seems to think she runs the place, so no other pets for me.. but luckily I get to spend time with your furry family members every day!

Emmett Gordon

I have been a part of the Sears team since 2012 as the Animal Care Attendant, making sure the clinic is clean from top to bottom. I am currently helping out part-time as I am pursuing a career in Engineering at Western University. I enjoy spending time with my Lakeland Terrier, Fisher and in my spare time, I keep active by playing hockey and baseball.